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MacDon Combine Header

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For over 70 years MacDon has been a world leader in technology, innovation, and manufacturing of high-performance harvesting equipment based in Canada. MacDon FlexDraper® and Draper Headers are designed to maximize productivity in the most challenging harvesting situations, from our Active Float System that keeps our headers true-to-the-ground, to the outstanding performance of our reel. MacDon C Series Corn Headers provide industry-leading residue management thanks to our OctiRoll™ Residue Management System. Strong, light, and fuel-efficient, these headers have aluminum gearboxes and a compact driveline requiring less power from the combine for operation.

Available at: Mitchell  St. Marys  Tilbury  Essex  Exeter  Forest  Seaforth  Watford  Sparta  Winchester NH  Waterford  Dunvegan  Renfrew  Winchester CIH  Alvinston  Chatham 


Flex Draper Headers

Flex Draper Headers

C Series Corn Headers

C Series Corn Headers

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